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Spokane Emergency Dentist


Your Trusted Emergency Dentist In Spokane

Any problem with your mouth, veneers, toothaches, dental fractures, and visual examination, you can count on us!

We provide an immediate dental solution to your oral pain, we aim to give you immediate relief that is why our clinic is open 24/7 for an online appointment or through phone calls. Because we understand how extremely painful toothaches are! For your general dentistry, click the service page on our website to find out more about our service.

We offer a wide variety of dental treatments for all sorts of dental problems. A clinic you can trust when it comes to maintaining your health and stronger teeth.

Pediatric Dental Care

The love of helping our community maintaining oral health extends through your young ones.

We provide pediatric dental care for your little ones, from the moment the first tooth erupts up to their adolescence.

Let your children enjoy their childhood with healthy teeth. Teach them early the beneficial effect of maintaining oral health.

Our Dental Services Offered

Visual Consultation/Check-Ups

Dental examination or dental check-ups is the initial procedure done to detect an early sign of tooth decay or damage.

General Dentistry

A dental procedure which the dentist will check what is the possible treatment to your oral pain.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is done to treat patient's- dental problem such as impacted wisdom tooth,

Dental Cleanings

Teeth cleaning is process where removing of build-up plaque or tartar.


For the tooth that is unrestorable, extraction is done to remove the damage/infected tooth

Pediatric Dental Care

Dental care services for your little ones up to their adulthood.