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How Do You Manage Oral Pain, Swelling & Discomfort

Oral discomfort is experienced when you have a dental fracture. It is a pain associated when eating food or even drinking a hot coffee or cold water. This is normal for every person, however, it is not something to ignore.

Toothaches come in many forms and reasons. The most common reason for a toothache is the chewing of candy. To help you out identifying the causes, here is a better look of what are the symptoms of dental fractures.

  •  Sudden changes in temperature in the mouth cause sensitivity.
  • Pain that won't go away is sometimes linked with a fever.
  • Gingivitis or inflammation of gums.

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Urgent Dental Treatments & Procedures

The treatment is based on how big is the fracture and the severity of the damage. But whatever the reason is, these are some possible treatments to cure your oral pain.

  • Dental bonding is a procedure in which the dentist applied a tooth-colored resin and hardened it with the help of a special light.
  • Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed between the damaged teeth. A crown is used to cover the missing teeth and restore the shape of your teeth. Metals, porcelain, resin, and ceramics are some of the crowns made of.
  • Root canal is a treatment designed to restore or prevent reinfection of the tooth. It is a procedure taken to save the natural tooth.
  • Tooth extractions is the last option the dentist could consider. It is performed under local anesthesia and could be resulted in a permanent loss of a tooth.
  • No treatment if the fracture appears natural and doesn't associate with toothache, your dentist may suggest a no treatment at all.
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What Will Happen When You Ignored Fractured Tooth

It is not easy to ignore a fractured tooth. Especially when the pain deprives you of sleeping during the night or eating your favorite food. However, a toothache cannot heal itself, it might be a result of negligence and tooth decay. An ignored toothache can spread throughout the gum line up to the bones.

These infections can lead to fever, pain when eating, lymph nodes in the back of the ear and neck, and the worst is bad breaths. Typically, your dentist may advise you to take good care of your teeth by practicing good oral hygiene.

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