5 Reasons to Visit Your Emergency Dental in Spokane Valley

Whether you need immediate care or are just looking to make sure you're receiving the best possible care for your teeth, here are some reasons to visit your emergency dental clinic in Spokane Valley.

Our clinic is here to help, not only will you receive gentle, professional care, but our dentists have the tools and equipment necessary to handle the situation.

First, dental emergencies are often painful. They often cause serious pain and may even lead to missed work or activities. Visiting an emergency clinic is free of charge, and you can check if the dentist has any credentials with the society or the state health department. After-hours services also offer emergency appointments on Saturdays.

During emergencies, your world may come to a standstill. You stare at the tooth in your hand, experiencing a searing pain. Worse, you may have an impacted tooth or loose filling. You may even have a cut inside your mouth. In any case, your first reaction should be to call a dentist to see if you need immediate care.

Lastly, emergency care clinics provide same-day services. Most emergency dentists display credentials in their offices. Be sure to ask if they are accredited by the American Dental Association.

5 Dental Issues

  • Toothache. Even if a toothache is only a mild one, it can last for days. Visiting your dentist is critical, as they'll be able to determine what's causing the pain and the proper treatment. Afterward, you should avoid taking aspirin or applying any type of topical pain medication. For more information regarding this matter, you can also read our article about what are toothaches and tooth extraction.

  • Cracked or chipped teeth should be rinsed out immediately and pressure applied to the affected area. If possible, you can also apply a cold compress to help minimize the swelling. You dentist may also offer a dental extraction if the tooth is not possible to save.

  • If you are suffering from severe pain after eating, there's a high chance that you have a cavity. These infections can spread from the mouth to other parts of the body and may require a root canal to cure the infection.

  • An abscess will cause severe pain and may also lead to infection. Regardless of what's causing your pain, the best thing to do is visit your emergency dentist in Spokane Valley right away.

  • Accidental or sports-related injuries can result in traumatic dental damage. Most of these wounds are minor, like chipped teeth. The damage occurs to the mouth's soft tissues, such as the gums, alveolar bone, or teeth.