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Quality service with reasonable and affordable prices is why our clinic is known in our community. Emergency Dental Spokane is helping our community by offering quality services that are worth the price.

Our passion for keeping your teeth clean and healthy is the reason we are striving to be the top dental clinic across Spokane. We believed that having healthy teeth makes people less conscious about themselves. We always want to restore beauty within every smile. Saving is what are we best for!

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The Importance Of Oral Health

Oral health is an important part of everyone’s life it is also part of your personal hygiene. For a woman, hair is their crowning glory, while for everyone teeth are the crown in an individual’s personality.

Oral health shouldn’t be taken for granted, the mouth can reflect the overall health of well-being. Toothaches may affect your mood, body, and as well as your appetite. You’ll not be able to focus on yourself if you suffering from dental pain.

And as your dentist, it is our job to restore the smile on your face. Doing regular check-ups and consultation helps prevent early signs of tooth decay and dental problem. This will also prevent more serious problems can occur later in life.

A dental visit is an important factor to maintain healthy teeth, a healthy mouth means you’ll be able to flash your smile widely as you can. Call our office today, for your initial consultation, general dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and pediatric care for your children.

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Emergency Dental Procedures Specialists

Visual Examination

A typical procedure where a dentist will examine your mouth and teeth to check the possibility of damage, tooth decay, or fractures. It is the procedure done before identifying the cause and the treatment.


Once the fracture or damage is detected, the dentist will diagnose the source of the problem and what procedure will be done, in able to treat the dental problem.


It is the process where the dentist will explain what will be the possible treatment to cure your dental problem—root canal, crown, bonding, or tooth extraction.

Spokane Valleys Premier Dental Clinics

A medical doctor can give you a relieved through your dental pain by giving your a prescription of pain killers but aside from that, they cannot give you the possible treatment for your oral pain. Because they work on broader health concerns and they will advise you to see a local dentist in your place.

A dentist should be the one you call in terms of toothaches. Pain involving the mouth is their forte. They can detect the source of pain in your mouth and can give the proper treatment for your problem.

Seeing your dentist when you suffer from a dental problem will save you a lot of time and money, instead of going to ER. Besides, you can get free advice on what is the proper preventive care in your mouth; from using the right toothpaste and consuming food that can damage your teeth.

Dental Fractures

Dental injuries such as fractures, chips, and cracks in teeth are common for every dentist. Fractures and cracks usually occur in all ages, 40 years and about are usually experienced this type of dental fractures. The seriousness of the fracture can start from a minor crack with no treatment to severe leading to root canal procedure or worst tooth extraction. Aside from being the most painful to suffer, chip, crack, and fracture are easy to treat.

Usually, a fracture doesn’t occur without signs. Many people ignored dental problems as they think that they will go away on their own. They will give attention to pain once it’s severe and they cannot endure it and turns more serious.


Once you experienced any of these symptoms the best thing to do is to schedule a visit to your dentist.

Pain when eating, especially when chewing or biting.

A mouth that becomes sensitive to cold and hot temperatures.

A tooth that pain when consuming sweet food.

Continuous pain.

Unidentified discomfort from the mouth.


There’s a lot of incidents that may lead to fracture of your teeth such as:

Biting of hard candies or accidentally biting hard objects.

The excessive grinding of teeth usually happens at night while asleep.

Physical injuries due to vehicle accidents, participating in sports, and fist fighting.

Wear and tear, usually tooth enamel becomes weak as people age. And teeth become vulnerable to damage and cavities.



Is a pocket of pus that grows from the root tips caused by infections.


A type of gum infection and inflammation that damage the gums and destroy the jawbone if not treated or tooth loss.


A dental emergency where the tooth is totally dislodged from the socket. Or in a simple term a knocked-out tooth.


A dental terminology for an infection of the facial tissue. It usually occurs around or behind the eye, neck, or at the back of the ear. Having facial cellulitis makes your face swell and if not treated, the infection may spread.


This is a filling that will cover the gap between the enamel and the gum, while buccal is the tooth located on the cheek side.


A general term for crowding or lack of space for newly erupt third molar teeth. Tooth extraction is often advised by the dentist but can be optional unless there’s a problem develop.


A swelling of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth or third molar. It is usually called a wisdom tooth infection.


Swelling of the dental pulp or tissue in the center of the tooth.

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