Home Remedy For Toothaches

Although home remedies for toothaches may provide temporary relief, a trip to the dentist is the best option for permanent relief. Visiting a dentist will help to determine the underlying cause of the pain, they can provide numbers of dental treatment to your situation.

Besides a throbbing pain, it may also be caused by a chipped tooth, an infection, or another cause. Home remedies can only help alleviate the symptoms for a few hours or days.

Cold therapy or ice pack

  • A cold compress may help relieve the pain and swelling associated with toothaches. The blood vessels are constricted when an ice pack is applied, decreasing the blood flow to the injured area. This lessens swelling and inflammation while also numbing the discomfort.

Saltwater rinsing

  • A saltwater rinse may also be helpful. It should be done once or twice and should help clear the mouth of bacteria. Warm salt water mouthwash helps in removing food particles stuck in cavities or between teeth. It could also lessen edema. Salt neutralizes acids that are eating away at the tooth, which slows the process of tooth decay.

Clove oil

  • Another effective home remedy for toothaches is clove oil. It is a natural anesthetic that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can apply clove oil directly to the affected tooth or use it as a mouthwash. While it's generally safe, this remedy is not recommended for young children and should be used with caution.


  • Ginger can also reduce inflammation and pain, which are two common causes of toothaches. A fresh slice of onion may be placed near the painful tooth to relieve the pain. An onion contains vitamins B12, sodium, and vitamin E. A freshly chopped onion may help you relieve your toothache and keep it that way.

Peppermint tea

  • Another simple home remedy for toothaches is peppermint tea. It has antibacterial and numbing properties and can relieve pain and swelling. Applying peppermint tea directly to the tooth affected by a toothache will help reduce the pain and swelling. Another natural home remedy for toothaches is clove oil. Simply apply it to the tooth with a cotton ball. Then, you will have pain relief and an easier time getting to the dentist.


  • A toothache can be relieved temporarily with over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Emergency Dental Spokane

These home cures are only intended to provide temporary comfort. When a toothache lasts longer than a day or two, it is critical to seek emergency dental care from a dentist.

If tooth discomfort is not treated promptly, it can progress to more serious issues, such as gum disease or a dental abscess. An abscess develops when germs invade the interior part of the tooth, known as the dental pulp. Find out more the difference between emergency dentists & general dentists to our blog.